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The chief servant of a household who has charge of other employees, receives guests, directs the serving of meals, and performs various personal services.

Good butlers are efficient, loyal, and discreet, good at anticipating people’s needs, while being very organised and excellent communicators.  

Traditionally the butler was the most senior male servant in the household, sometimes called major-domo, butler administrator, house manager, manservant, staff manager, estate manager or head of household staff, in charge of the dining room, wine cellar, and pantry. Some would have charge of the entire parlour floor and housekeepers, while caring for the entire house and its appearance.


Today’s Modern Butler

The butler’s role today has changed significantly in terms of duties and responsibilities and now, employers from the Middle East and royal households invite women – also called butlers - to apply.

The modern butler must be as capable with a spreadsheet as he or she is with opening a bottle of champagne!

The role now has more of a crossover with the duties of a house manager: the butler may be carrying out small duties; sometimes doubling as a chauffeur, ferrying guests around; helping, working alongside the chef, to create and oversee dinner and lunch parties and arranging countryside or networking events such as shoots. Other duties might include:

  • Cellar management

  • Diary management

  • Travel booking

  • Pet care

  • Silver service

  • Some cooking

  • Meal preparation if chef or cook not present

  • Managing staff driving

  • Some spreadsheet and office duties

  • Social bookings (restaurants, guest parties etc)

  • Managing antiques and fine furniture

  • Valeting / wardrobe management



Today, the butler's salary is the highest-rising due to the extra skill sets demanded such as house manager and PA skills.

Expect to pay £38,000 - £40,000 per year. Average UK salary is between £35-£40k. Most positions are live-in and salaries of over £100,000 are paid to the best-trained and most experienced butlers when responsibilities include several residencies and a large number of staff.

Midas can help should you have specific language and skills requirements and if you need someone who can be flexible with location and travel. Please contact us via our client contact form and one of our expert recruiters will discuss your specific requirements.

Today’s Modern Butler

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