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Private tutor

Provides specialised, one-to-one educational assistance 

Midas Private Staff can supply you with tutors in English, maths, science, geography, history, and computer studies, who will help your children to excel at school. We also provide teachers of foreign languages and a variety of musical instruments.


Curricular education

Private tuition is commonly used to enhance school children’s education, including:


•        Primary school-age core curriculum subjects (key stages 1 and 2)

•        Secondary school-age core curriculum subjects (key stage 3, GCSE, and A-level)

•        Preparation for primary-age SATS tests

•        Preparation for 11+ grammar school admission tests

•        Preparation for independent schools’ admission tests

•        Literacy and numeracy foundation skills

•        Special Educational Needs (SEN) and specialist learning needs

•        Qualifications and subjects studied outside the core curriculum

•        International curriculum qualifications (including the International          Baccalaureate)

•        Language tuition for education or professional needs

•        Preparation for higher-education course entrance requirements



Languages, music and beyond

If you would like your child to learn a specific language such as French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, or even English, then our expert teachers can provide tutorage in these subjects too.


We also have music tutors who can teach the piano, flute, guitar, violin, or the instrument of their choice.


Midas can also provide musical instrument-hire at favourable rates with an option to buy at a discounted cost, should your child become proficient and wish to own the instrument.


A professional tutor will provide one-on-one tuition that will prove invaluable to your children’s education.


Our instructors will follow an easy-to-learn programme that will help your child to pick up reading and playing music easily as they work their way through the exams and scales.


We can also find you tutors in many other subjects as well as adult education too.


Our tutors can teach more than one child at once whilst maintaining the same high standards and benefits of private classes.




The average rate for a private tutor session is between £30 and £42 per hour


 If you wish to find out more, please get in touch via our contact page or call 01892 618593.

Curricular education
Languages, music and beyond

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Contact us about our latest staff and vacancies 

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