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Estate Manager

Responsible for the smooth-running of an entire estate, including premises, staff, agriculture and finances. 

Estate managers are more in demand for very large households and for estates with multiple properties and extensive grounds, which can often run to several hundred acres of land with art and wine collections, antiques, and sometimes complicated technology.

An estate is more complex to run than a household. Estate managers differ considerably from house managers, requiring different skills and experience, which will vary depending on the complexity of the estate.

What do estate managers do?

Estate managers have multiple tasks: they are experienced managers and trainers of the household team, including farm workers, game keepers, gardeners, and bookkeepers; they set the standards and the ongoing training and development, in addition to the hiring of staff.

Management of the land is a crucial part of the job, and so most of the work they do will be outside the main residence. Detailed knowledge of the farming industry and experience working on the land is a must; sometimes an agricultural qualification is required.

Estate managers will deal with financial accounting and budget management, payroll, sourcing and overseeing contractors, vendors, building projects, maintenance of swimming pools, landscaping, cars, yachts, and private aircraft.

Many estates run as a business so the estate manager is expected to help with profitability. A financial mind therefore is a must.

Regardless of what the estate is operating as, the estate manager’s responsibility will be overseeing the income and expenditure. If the estate has livestock, he/she will take responsibility for overseeing all agricultural activities, dealing with external stakeholders, and ensuring the that the income from the land is maximised – whether for commercial, private, or farming purposes.

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