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Domestic Couple

Two people who live-in with the family and share responsibilities in order to manage the smooth running of the household.

The relationship status of a domestic couple can have many variations, although husband and wife is most common. They communicate more openly than individual staff as they have joint responsibility and a common goal.

The hiring of a couple is good value for an employer with a large household, who prefers the arrangement to individual staffing and the advantage and simplicity of managing a domestic couple.


What do they do?

Domestic couples have a broad range of skills and experience that are necessary to carry out the following tasks. Responsibilities can be divided into housekeeper and houseman duties and may include:

Housekeeper duties

  • Keeping the home immaculate and well organised inside

  • Deep cleaning of the entire home, preparing either simple family cooking or gourmet cuisine, menu-planning, errands, and shopping

  • Wardrobe management/care, storing seasonal clothes, packing, and unpacking, laundry, ironing, dry cleaning, wardrobe inventory

  • Managing any cleaning staff. Hands-on housekeeping with care of special surfaces, antiques, or fine art, and furnishings care

  • Greeting all visitors at the door and answering the telephone, displaying a professional manner at all times


 Houseman duties

  • Serving at table and arranging seating correctly (either informally or formally) as required and performing related waiter services

  • Chauffeuring and driving; running various ad hoc errands; ferrying and picking up children

  • Heavy cleaning tasks, although if the requirement is also to maintain the outside of the property then there can be a difference in the breadth of tasks, such as grounds maintenance (gardening, landscaping, and tree and lawn care)

  • Handyman skills to maintain all structures on the property

  • Multi-home maintenance for annually-recurring tasks and events

  • Culinary skills: the ability to prepare wholesome and simple family meals, as well as more formal cooking

  • Vehicle, pool, and general equipment maintenance, monitoring heating and air conditioning units

  • Pet-related tasks



​This varies depending on qualifications/experience and previous salary levels attained.

An earnings range of between £800 to £1200 per week per couple would be a good guide.

Midas will complete the background and reference checks before presenting couples for interview – however, as the employer it is imperative that you check the DBS and talk to the referees/references supplied.

What do they do?
Housekeeper duties
Housemen duties

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