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Wardrobe Manager 

A sartorial style expert responsible for updating and maintaining a client's wardrobe and providing clothing advice.

A wardrobe manager's responsibilities include researching and purchasing garments, maintaining, and caring for his or her clients' complete wardrobe and advising on style and suitability of dress for various occasions.

The skills employed as a wardrobe manager can overlap with those required as a laundress, personal assistant, or lady’s maid.

The position of wardrobe manager would suit fashion graduates or those who have worked behind the scenes in the film industry. The work can be highly rewarding within private service, both financially and personally.

Most private clients prefer a wardrobe manager who has extensive experience working with couture fashion, likely to have been for high net-worth individuals whose careers depend on making the right sartorial statement for a wide variety of occasions. Being flexible enough to travel with the client and to take on ad-hoc tasks such as helping with travel arrangements, greeting, and communicating guests, accompanying the client on shopping expeditions and fashion shows will be a real plus.

A wardrobe manager may hold a degree in fashion-related studies and have extensive knowledge of design, fashion management, merchandising, retailing etc.


Duties  may include:

  • Inventory, purchasing, and planning of a client's wardrobe; maintaining luxury fashion items and caring for them professionally

  • Experience in garment protection, giving the highest standard of care for the wardrobe

  • Maintaining an up-to-date wardrobe garment and linen inventory, conducting rotations when necessary for the client, family, and staff members

  • Knowledge of jewellery and competency in its proper care and handling

  • Maintaining a client’s footwear (polishing, cleaning, managing repair). Accompanying the client on trips and packing and unpacking all wardrobe-related items

  • Organising and correctly storing clothes during off-season; safeguarding and prolonging the life of clothing against colour-fading, insects, mould, or bacterial contamination

  • Repairing and altering clothing if capable and cleaning equipment and managing repairs when needed within the laundry room



Most wardrobe managers are self-employed.

Earnings and salary vary depending on the assignment. Wardrobe managers can work on several assignments simultaneously.

Duties, experience and responsibilities
Earnings and employment status

Wardrobe manager vacancies 

Available wardrobe managers 

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Wardrobe managers and vacancies
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