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​Midas sources professional gardeners on a permanent or temporary basis for full time and part- time positions.

The role of gardener varies according to the type and size of the garden. Responsibilities range from tending the lawn to overseeing a multifaceted domestic garden or working estate garden that grows vegetables, plants, and flowers for household consumption and/or sale. 


The role may include:


  • Project managing

  • Landscaping

  • Maintenance or repair of hard surfaces

  • Maintenance of the grounds of an estate or estates, ensuring that all gardens, lawns, flowerbeds, flowers, greenhouses, vegetable plots, trees, shrubs, and bushes are healthy and well-tended.

Gardeners will work closely with other members of household staff such as the majordomo or butler, to prepare for various events and requirements.


What are the responsibilities of a head gardener?


Head gardeners manage all horticultural aspects of the property or garden including staff, maintenance of equipment, and possibly outsourcing specialist staff to cover tasks outside their area of expertise. Head gardeners would normally be educated to a high level within their field and have many years of experience to support that education.



Pay varies enormously based on the complexity of tasks and skills required. The average head gardener salary in the UK is £28,167 per year or £14.44 per hour.

Entry level positions start at £19,945 per year while most experienced workers make up to £47,883 per year. Benefits can also be provided at the discretion of the employer.



Training & qualifications

​In the UK, Kew Gardens, Capel Manor College  and other professional educational establishments run training courses with qualifications enabling the professional development of gardeners. The Royal Horticultural Society is a leader in the provision of horticultural training with many professional gardeners securing diplomas and Master of Horticulture degrees under their training courses.

Whatever the requirement Midas will find the right staff for you.

Please contact our Domestic and Estates recruitment consultants who can assist you with any help you may need.


Responsibilities of head gardener
Training and qualifications

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