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Looks after other people's children within their own home, usually while the parents are at work.

More than simply 'babysitting', this professional role involves care, education and helping in children's development.

Duties may include:

A childminder's tasks would typically include but would not be limited to:

  • Providing inspirational learning activities

  • Providing a range of free play activities, both indoors and outside

  • Planning, preparing, and serving meals

  • Changing nappies and making up bottles for babies

  • Taking children on outings


It is essential for childminders to provide a safe environment for children.

What qualifications do you need and how do you become a child minder?


You will need a childcare qualification and certificates in health & safety, and safeguarding before you register as a childminder. You must have public liability insurance and business insurance to drive with childminded children in your car (if relevant).


If you want to care for children under eight for more than two hours a day, you'll need to register with Ofsted. Before you register, you will usually need:

  • A childcare qualification approved by your local council

  • A paediatric first aid course

  • Training in safeguarding children

  • Training in food hygiene


All childminders in England must comply with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS – for children from birth to age five) which is the statutory framework, and the Childcare Register (legislation which covers the care of children from age five upwards).

First, you should take a look at Ofsted’s pre-registration briefing on becoming a childminder. You will need to pass:




​Child-minders are self-employed. The government's Childcare and Early Years Provider 2016 survey found that, on average, childminders make £16,800 a year, although 51% of the childminders it surveyed received less than £15,000 in income over the year.

Parents in London pay an average of £8.60 per hour. However, a new cost calculator from shows that there is significant variation even within London. In Hammersmith & Fulham, for example, a childminder will cost £8.63 on average, compared to £6.80 across the whole of London (3 Jan 2019).

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