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Folding Clothes


Responsible for laundering and organising clothes and linens

A laundress/laundryman will perform laundry services and use her/his skills to wash, dry, and care for clothes and linens. The job duties can vary depending on the employer but usually include cleaning and steaming laundry, ironing and folding clothes, and organising items.


Adding to your quality of life

Clothes and linens that are well cared-for create a feeling of cleanliness and wellbeing, boosting your personal appearance and your sense of order in the fast-paced, modern lifestyle. A laundress/laundryman will provide the care and maintenance needed to enhance and prolong the life of your favourite garments.


Within a large estate or household, the laundress/laundryman is responsible for maintaining the personal clothing of the family. Often an expert with years of experience, she/he will be able to identify and apply specific care in washing and pressing fabrics, stain removal and general maintenance.

The role can also involve re-organising wardrobes and de-cluttering. 

In addition to laundering clothes and linens and organising dry-cleaning visits and pick-ups, some laundresses/laundrymen are skilled at sewing and able to do repairs and alterations. 


Duties may include:


  • ​Packing and unpacking for clients and their families before and after travel

  • Pet care and vehicle carpet and upholstery cleaning

  • Responsibility for all household laundry and ironing of clothes and linens

  • Managing the delivery of clothing to dry-cleaners

  • Mending of clothing and handling stain removal

  • Organisation of all household laundry - folding and hanging items - into assigned cupboards and wardrobes

  • Replacing all toxic cleaners with green cleaning products and practices. Conducting a full detox

  • Keeping an inventory of seasonal wardrobes and preparing them for proper storage

  • Providing a constant supply of bed linen for live-in staff and keeping guest bedrooms fresh and ready for visitors



Temporary assignments £15-17 per hour.


Starting salaries begin at £30,000. Employed, experienced laundresses  and laundrymen can expect to earn in the region of £50,000.

Adding to your quality of life
Duties and responsibilities

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